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Biography For a long time, individuals were hypnotized by the enormous design of Egypt known as pyramids. Of late, we came to think about ongoing disclosures about these old structures. We found out about its visionary and cosmic point of view, its supernatural viewpoints, connected arithmetic, association with earth sciences, religious conviction et cetera. This is a genuine stunningness to see these gigantic geometric rises with such an exactness.

To relate the above articulation with truth, I would allude to the ongoing revealing of the way that the pyramid of Giza is eight-sided. We had an alternate view a couple of years back. The sun oriented equinox inadvertently demonstrated the slight rakish twisted of the pyramid's side countenances.

In any case, I am will show here another theory which a couple of educated specialists expressed accepting about the geometry.


Merkaba means a chariot in Hebrew content. Regularly, it delineates the change or climb from the body to the soul with the assistance of heavenly light.

"Mer" implies light, "Ka" identifies with the soul and "Ba" is the body.

The Merkaba is fundamentally a consolidated geometric structure of two pyramids.

Unquestionably, it falls under holy geometry and it has its own particular supernatural viewpoints.

In the Bible (Ezekiel 1:4-26), it was portrayed as a four-wheeled chariot which was driven by four Cherubim's with four wings and four countenances. These ideas fall under the school of Jewish supernatural quality. Ezekiel was gone up against this chariot alive. These certainties or fantasies were immensely delineated in Maaseh Merkabah. It additionally has a connection with old outsider hypothesis as proposed by numerous specialists.

Late progressions on Merkaba found a conclusive connection with our DNA structure. Along these lines, as such, Merkaba can be the geometric model of the building square of current humankind.

"Chassidic" reasoning says in regards to the perplexing relations of Merkaba with the mankind, its biological community and this universe and how to go past the physical level.

The fact is:

Pyramids are a physical type of Merkaba however just the upper area. We need to consider hypothetically about the topsy turvy the structure. It has precisely imitated the Merkaba portrayed in antiquated messages and aides in raising human awareness.

Analysts say that when they kept wore out batteries under a little pyramidal structure cloned precisely frame the first one, it picked up charge for couple of minutes. Indeed, even a limit edged razor got back its sharpness.

Meat, vegetables kept under it doesn't spoil. A flood in astral projections is seen particularly for the individuals who have this sort of workforce. Clear envisioning turns out to be simple while resting under pyramids.

There are more to it.

In Indian sanctuary design, we see a comparative structure however exceedingly ornamented with carvings. It ascends from a square base to a limited degree.

The 3D structure of a "Shri Yantra" is profoundly like these sanctuaries.

Indian sacred texts set a manage for all to visit the sanctuaries and stay there peacefully for no less than 15-20 minutes. This is on the grounds that the design of these sanctuaries is made in a route in order to tackle infinite energies and gather under the altar which is pretty much 1/3 of the sanctuary stature.

Strikingly like the Indian sanctuaries, pyramids do have a similar logic and it has been demonstrated (not in the research center as we are still a long way from doing it) that it influences human awareness.

Merkaba is a representation which invests capacity to people for raising their "chakra" level or rather the cognizant level to a higher measurement.

For what reason would such a created culture, where men were controlled with science, Astronomy, horticulture, science, solutions and more will invest their energy, exertion on building tombs!

The secret lies in their glyphs and their quiet stationary wonderful plans. They classified an unbelievable mystery message in this planned structures. We sent divided tests which cover removes looking for new lives.

They fabricated pyramids which went through ages with a message covered up in its high exactness geometric structures. Antiquated Egyptian structures are as yet setting out so as to locate the correct phase of progress that will interpret the code and draw out a reality for which we may at present not be prepared.


All things considered, it isn't so much that simple to spend few days under a genuine pyramid (after all it's anything but a resort) however we can do a few investigations with a copy of a pyramid (say for example; the pyramid of Khufu) and perform few examinations. We need to remember that a normal pyramid is hypothetically a Merkaba.

A routine with regards to contemplation and dynamic representation is the real element of these trials. For the research facility, we need a pyramid made of cardboard or wood (few individuals have built their rooftops as a pyramid).

Lead a basic science and discover the proportion of the lengths and profundities (you can without much of a stretch find in top-level web indexes). Point will continue as before.

Discover a place to introduce the natively constructed pyramid and place it over the ground so that on the off chance that you sit inside it, your stature of the sitting stance ought to be 1/3 of the pyramid tallness. (Kindly do recall that the sarcophagus of the ruler in the lord's chamber is precisely 1/3 the tallness of the pyramid)

Ponder and envision the Merkaba inside you as a shining geometrical develop. Reflect upon the awareness, which is you. Give it a chance to stream uninhibitedly.

The outcomes will felt by you as it were.

Good fortunes to all of you.

Deepayan Choudhury is related with Vedantic theory for a decent measure of time and conveyed addresses to couple of philosophical social orders in Kolkata, India. He is likewise an artist and a significant number of his organizations were distributed in print magazines for the most part in his provincial dialect. His verse was chosen three back to back circumstances in the "Verse World", an accumulation of world verses.

He is additionally an artist, painter, and visual artist. He partook in a few painting presentations in Kolkata, India.
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